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    MH Quant B.07.01 Semi Quant using deconvoluted TIC


      We have a practice of monitoring our un-calibrated compounds by semi-quantitating against an internal standard. We prefer to use the full TIC are since that allows us to capture the mass balance of the compounds in the profile. I know how to get MH Quant to generate the TIC areas but the deconvolution only applies to searching and matching. How can I get the deconvoluted area for coeluting peaks to be reported and used?

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          Sorry for the delay.


          Unfortunately, there is no way to use the area from a deconvoluted peak's chromatogram to calculate an amount on a report. The closest thing available to this that Quant offers is the Targeted Deconvolution report.


          For each deconvoluted peak, a peak purity value is calculated based on whether that peak is overlapping with another deconvoluted peak. The Targeted Deconvolution report will use this purity value when calculating the compound amount. For example, if Compound X has a peak purity of 50%, then the compound amount will be halved on the Target Deconvolution report.


          Hopefully this helps.