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7683 Series ALS on 6890N GC won't inject

Question asked by behringerd on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by james_jenkins

I have a 6890N GC-FID with a 7683 Series ALS and I'm using Agilent Open Lab (EZChrom Edition) software.  The software won't trigger the autosampler to make an injection.   A box appears on the screen with the message 'Incompatible Tray'.  I have verified that "External" is chosen as the source of the injection in the software.  I've replaced the autosampler tray with another tray that is known to be working, and I've replaced the tray cable.  I've also rebooted the GC and the computer.   None of these things have corrected the problem.  Is there anything else I can try, or does this indicate a bad board?