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DAD/MWD Error messages in Empower 3

Question asked by murphmuprh001 on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by spacefish

G1365B: Data invalid. At least for some diodes of the array, the data produced are invalid due to too much light at a diode or a gain setting.


I'm currently seeing this same error on two different systems.  One is the G1365B MWD and the other is a G1315B DAD. 


I have flushed both detectors w/massive amounts of water, MeOH, Acetone and IPA.  Then primed and monitored the detector baselines for several hours w/100% water at 1mL/min.  The error always returns and we have lost a few runs.


I am considering rebuilding the flow cell and replacing all of the lenses in the light path (cell support assy, achromat, etc.).


I found some information on Waters web site in the release notes for Empower2 stating that this error does not cause data collection to stop when it occurs in ChemStation.   I know that I can increase the margin for negative absorbance in the instrument method, but the detector manuals state that this will increase noise. 


Can this error be indicating that there is something wrong w/the detector or is it a configuration problem between the Agilent detector and Waters software?


I have never seen the error on a VWD and when I have seen it in the past, we have been able to flush the flow cell and restart the detector to clear it.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.