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    "Ref. correction" in intelligent reporting


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      just a quick question this time - is it possible to access a calibrated compound's "reference correction"- factor from the calibration table in the reporting module of the software (we're using OpenLAB CDS 2.1)? I'd like to add that info to a table summarizing the compound's result.


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          I apologize for the delay, this ended up being a deeper dive than I had first expected. I appears that there is only one way to call this value on an intelligent report. It is not perfect, but it will get the job done.


          Below you can see that I changed defined a curve reference for i-butane in my method with a ref correction of 1234567.89:



          To now call this ref correction value on a report, you will have to add a 'Single Data Analysis Method Table Row' Snippet to the report. Then in the Method Browser tree in the Select Method Parameter window (opens automatically) you need to expand the following options: Method Parameters>Compound Parameters>Expected Compounds>Empty "+' sign. You will then need to select the row of your compound table you would like to display:



          Each compound will have its own row and if you want to display this value for multiple compounds you will need to repeat the above steps on a per compound basis.


          Below is an example of how this will be displayed on your report once you add it (I outlined where the ref correction will appear):



          Hopefully this helps.