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    Control Chart Creation




      I was able to create the control chart selection under the reporting tab by entering the MACRO STARTCHT.MAC,GO command in the command line prompt. I would like to know if anyone has had experience in using this control chart feature- I am using OpenLab Rev.C.01.05. When I select the control chart tab a pop up window containing the standards I have are available as well as the option to select type of data type to be tracked and input the range for the data. When I select the OK button- nothing happens that I can see. Is there something I should be inputting in for the method before attempting to use this feature?


      I appreciate any help with this.




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          After you install the Control Charts and set them up in ChemStation, you will not receive any sort of confirmation in the software. Two changes are made to you method though. First, in Report>Specify Report the report destination will be set to File with a File Type of .XLS if it was not already selected. Second, in Method>Run Time Checklist, it will automatically specify a Postrun Command/Macro of "MACRO HPCNTL.MAC,GO".


          The next time you run the method after these changes are made, it should create ControlChart.XLS file in the .M folder for the method you saved these changes to. This .XLS will track then variables that you specified in the control chart setup for each data file you collect with the method.