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Upgrading Agilent 7820A

Question asked by thanhlong on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by james_jenkins

Hi all,


The GC in my lab is Agilent 7820A that my supervisor bought it 2-3 years ago. The configuration of GC is as follows:

- One detector FID

- One inlet Split/Splitless

- One line for gas sample and One gas sampling valve. However, I am not sure there is a gas loop inside the GC because the GC have never been used to analyse any gas sample.

- One column DB-5 Sil


Now, my supervisor wants to upgrade the GC that it can be used to analyse permanent gases and hydrocarbons. However, when I asked the representative in my region, he said that 7820 GC's were made to the customers specification so were sold as a completely configured solution rather than for method development. It means that our GC could not be added any detector or inlet.


So I would like to know that it is right?