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    Concentrations, calibrations and Chemstation


      Hi Everyone,


          I have another great question.  I opened up some data and wanted to change the calibration curve used to attain my results.  I deleted

      the old calibration curve and opened my Calibration standards to build the multi-level calibration curve I needed.  For some reason, I am not

      able to input the concentrations of the calibration standards anymore, but I am able to type in the Response Factor and the peak area ( I

      don't want to enter values for this).  I have opened up all different types of views in the Calibration drop-down menu ( Identification view, Peak Details, etc)

      and none of these have allowed me to type in the concentrations in the Calibration table.  Any one experienced this ?  How do I fix it ?


      I am using Chemstation B.04.02 SP2 [106].

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          I suspect that you have your calibration table options set up to calculate concentration as opposed to response factor. To check this go to the Calibration dropdown menu and then Calibration Table Options -> Edit Options. In the Calibration Table Options window there should be a section titled 'Select the value to be calculated', under which you can select radio buttons for either Amount, Area or Height, or Response Factor (Amt/Resp).


          If you have Amount selected for this setting, then the software will prevent you from manually entering an amount value into your calibration table. Normally you would want to have ChemStation calculate the Response Factor by supplying it with an area (from integration results) and an amount for a known calibration standard.


          Hopefully this helps.