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Concentrations, calibrations and Chemstation

Question asked by bhalden on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by bhalden

Hi Everyone,


    I have another great question.  I opened up some data and wanted to change the calibration curve used to attain my results.  I deleted

the old calibration curve and opened my Calibration standards to build the multi-level calibration curve I needed.  For some reason, I am not

able to input the concentrations of the calibration standards anymore, but I am able to type in the Response Factor and the peak area ( I

don't want to enter values for this).  I have opened up all different types of views in the Calibration drop-down menu ( Identification view, Peak Details, etc)

and none of these have allowed me to type in the concentrations in the Calibration table.  Any one experienced this ?  How do I fix it ?


I am using Chemstation B.04.02 SP2 [106].