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    1200 Series Pump - 'Solvent B is low' error message


      I am working with a 1200 series pump attached to a 6410 mass spectrometer.  I am getting an error message of 'Solvent B is low'.  The solvent level is not low; it is over 500 ml and the system is set to shut off if the solvent level drops below 50 ml.  The Masshunter acquisition window shows the correct solvent level. 


      The instrument was in the middle of running a set when the error occurred.  I've already tried the turn everything off then back on a couple of times, with no success.  I'm looking for obstructions in the tubing with no success so far.  I've reentered the solvent levels with no success.  When I turn the instrument on, the error is still there.


      PS Is my question in the right section?