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    How can i extract UV with openlabs 2.0


      I would like to know how to extract UV plots with openlabs 2.0 (and higher versions).

      With chemstation and openlabs/chemstation you could just go to isoabsorbance plot, fill in the UV you would like to see and then copy it into the offline signal

      (so the whole chromatogram at a certain UV signal, not just UV from one peak)

      Where can i find this in openlabs 2.0?

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          The ability to extract chromatograms from UV spectral data was introduced in OpenLAB CDS 2.2. You can find the relevant settings in the Processing Method under Extraction -> Chromatogram in the UV tab (in older versions of OpenLAB CDS there was no UV tab in this section and you could only extract chromatograms from MS data) as shown below:



          Once you have the extraction parameters set in the processing method linked to your data, save the method and reprocess. The act of reprocessing will extract the chromatograms as defined in the method.