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“HP 6890 Series Injector – Enhanced Parameters”

Question asked by jerivera on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by jerivera

I ask you if you can send me the software over the internet
of a “HP 6890 Series Injector – Enhanced Parameters” which I currently use on
my 5890 Series II Plus GC ECD. My issue is that the software shows a front
turret error while trying to inject the first vial. At first the syringe
plunger would fault after the first rinse (it would not go down). Afterwards,
the first 2mL vial is picked up from the autosampler and faults without
transferring this vial towards the injector tower. I don’t see any mechanical
issues so I started rebooting the GC, the computer and the controller box with
no luck. Even I tried to call an earlier running method in case my current one
went corrupt. I will appreciate greatly your advice on my situation.