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    To purge or not to purge.  That is the question for RID


      Hi Fellow colleagues,  I wanted some advice on purging of the reference cell on the HPLC.  I purge the reference cell initially for one hour.  I have noticed that in

      the method setup for the RID detector that I can purge for any length of time and set a posttime for this after purge during each run during the acquisition.  Does anyone use this at all ? Why ?

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          Hello !


          Purge Reference Cell:   This parameter is used to exchange the content of the reference cell in the case of solvent change or reference cell contamination or degradation. Enter a time interval(minutes) to purge the reference side of the cell. This will be started immediately if you click OK on this window. Allow additional time for baseline stabilization after purging. For this reason it is not recommended to purge the reference right before running samples. Instead do so well in advance and allow the baseline to stabilize, then avoid further purging.


          Automatic Purge:  This parameter can be used to do a purge of the reference cell and wait additional time for baseline stabilization. It will be initiated each time when the run is started. This should only be used if the content of the reference cell is expected to degrade during a run! The automatic purge will be finished before the autozero is performed and before the injection is done.