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    Firmware 5975C


      I want to load firmware the firmware of a 5975C Is there a way to manually load firmware onto a smartcard (instead of Agilent Configuration)? I have encounter an issue where someone has tried to update firmware using a computer that has various firewalls enabled causing the MSD to now become unresponsive.


      The display  mentioned

      "SC3 Series Tornado2"

      "Loading MSD Firmware"

      It stuck there.I can still ping the MSD. With Chemstation Configuration, I got.

      "The Operation Fails as no adaptor is in the state permissible for this Operation.

      MSD@ <IP-adress> of instrument number 1 failed the RPCINFO test.

      Network Problem must be fixed prior to running ChemStation.

      I can do a msupdate.exe but I don't have the right 5975C FirmWare.

      Can you email the Firmware to ronin_services@ziggo.nl

      Thanks in advance


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          It’s possible the smart card is now damaged and will need to be replaced. However, if you still want to try to re-flash the firmware, what is the exact version of ChemStation your have running on the computer? The installation disc for that particular version will have the appropriate firmware files for the 5975C Mass Spectrometer. 

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            problem is the fact PC is protected by Company firewal. That is the reason, I have now problem after an update.

            Please ca you send me firmware update file

            ChemstATION VERSION 2.01

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              Hi Ronin, the MS firmware should never be updated with the firewall enabled. The MS can be connected directly to a PC, and not to the rest of the network, and then updated with the firewall off. I would request your company IT to set this up for you, that way they can handle disabling and re-enabling the firewall.


              If the firewall is enabled the firmware update may fail and cause the smart card to be corrupted and require replacement.