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    Using old calibration files for quantitation of samples with new method


      Is there some way to use already evaluated calibration files for a Batch with new Samples and a new method? So some way to "import" the calibration curves/areas from an older batch.

      For example: I've my calibration samples already evaluated in a Batch where I wanted to investigate 13C-labeled compounds (calibration is unlabeled - internal Standard is completely labeled). I now have a new batch where I want to analyze the respective 15N-labeled compounds (and therefore used another method for the measurement), so I obviously need a new method with the right transitions, but I want to use the calibration curves from the first batch again and not do all the calibration stuff from the beginning on again.

      I tried to copy my calibration samples into the new batch, and this works fine if the method is the same for the new batch, but if I need another method (like i described) I've to do a lot of manual work as I have lots of different compounds. I could change all the 13C transitions to 15N transitions but isn't there some better solution?

      Thanks in advance!