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    Normalizing GC results in Intelligent Reporting from different detectors




      I am trying to normalizing results from three different detectors (2 TCDs and an FID) in a final report using OpenLab version C.01.07 SR2 [255].  This is for a refinery gas analyzer where the sample is measured for three different trains (Agilent's RGA option 531).  I would like to use an external calibration to calculate the response factors for each component on each detector.  When the sample is run I would like the report to use the RFs, multiplied by the area counts, to determine the calibrated result for each component on each detector.  Then sum all of the results of all the detectors together to give a total sample result (in practice it should be close to but not exactly 100%).  Next, divide 100/(total sample result) to get a normalization factor and finally multiply each original component result by this factor to get the normalized result across all three detectors.  Can I do something like this in Intelligent Reporting?