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    Is it possible for frozen DMSO eluent to damage a GPC guard column?


      We had two guard columns block up mysteriously and irreversibly overnight while running on DMSO, which has never happened before. Last time we successfully used this column set, the same machine in the same location with the same type of eluent was in August. The set up was fine when we installed it now, we got the same pressure as before storage. Pressure was low when we left the machine in the evening and really high in the morning. The main columns are unharmed. The damage happened in November on consecutive days. We have excluded issues with eluent prep and no samples have been run. The eluent used before was DMF.


      We are using Viscotek columns (guard columns are the Aguard type). I know they are not specked out for DMSO, but it works, we have been using them with DMSO for years, and the application was recommended to us by the Malvern technical team (best molecular weight profile for our samples).


      This morning I saw that the DMSO had partially frozen in the eluent bottle over the weekend. The column oven is at 68 degree Celsius, which should melt the DMSO, but I'm wondering if small crystals do not dissolve quickly enough before entering the guard column?

      Any pointer appreciated.


      How do I keep the DMSO warm safely?

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          DMSO can solidify in cool temps including air conditioning if it's right under a vent.

          I don't think it would have damaged the column but you probably need to talk to the column manufacturer about it for sure.  Getting DMSO back to a liquid state can take a while even at higher temp.  The column is likely to take a LOT longer to get everything back into a liquid state than it would take just for a solution on the benchtop because of the pores.

          Ultimately I think you need to call the column supplier because they'll be in the best position to recommend what to do with their column.