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    Chemstation sequence data problem


      I'm at a field station in Antarctica resussitating an 1100 system running ChemStation for LC 3D Rev. A 10.02[1757], and I'm having a problem with finding the results for sequences.  We have ChemStation on your 1100 systmes at home in my lab and on the Data Analysis screen I'm used to seeing a view where there is a table showing the individual runs in a sequence, which I can click on to see/analyze the data from those individual runs.  With the system here, there is no such table.  All I see is the report for the last run in sequence.  In fact, when I look for the files from the earlier runs in the sequence I can't find them.  A potential clue: when I start the sequence, I get a warning "If you start the sequence, data files may be overwritten if running in data acquisition mode.  Use the 'Sequence Parameters' to specifiya subdirectory or check  the file names are different".  I'm getting the feeling that I am missing something simple here...but I'm getting a bit desperate.

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          Hi Ben,

          Ok, for A.10.02, can you tell me what directory it says its saving under in sequence parameters?


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              James!  Thanks for responding so quickly!

              Path: C:\HPCHEM\1\DATA

              The subdirectory field is blank.

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                  ben, the message you get when starting the sequence is exactly right if you don't specify a subdirectory every time you run a new sequence.

                  "If you start the sequence, data files may be overwritten if running in data acquisition mode. Use the 'Sequence Parameters' to specify a subdirectory or check the file names are different"


                  Since this revision of Chemstation is fairly old and before the concept of Unique Folders was introduced, the danger you're being warned about with that message is very real.


                  If the data you're looking for was acquired by running a sequence, then all of the most recently acquired files from the last time you ran this sequence should be available for loading (by going to File > Load Signal and choosing the appropriate file underneath C:\HPCHEM\1\DATA). See the screenshot below for an approximation of what you should expect to see based on what you've described so far, using the demo data available with your software.


                  It is possible (I would even say likely) that you are comparing what you see in A.10.02 in Antarctica with a newer version of ChemStration, perhaps something like B.02.01 or newer, which featured a handy navigation pane at the left side of the screen to help you load datafiles, methods, and sequences more smoothly than in the interface you're currently using.

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                      Valetinrusu,  Thanks so much for the response.  You hit the nail on the head: we are running newer versions of Chemstation on the machines back home, and I had forgotten that the older version didn't have the handy navigation pane.  I'm so glad you set me straight; I thought I was going crazy!  I made a new subdirectory for a new sequence, and I did not get the message and my data were right there!  Much appreciated.