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    Calibration curves ICPMS




      I am currently carrying out validations for USP 233 for ICPMS.


      Regarding calibration curves I am using a 5 point calibration curve starting from Blank (Matrix). Should the calibration curve on MassHunter be set to Offset or Ignore?


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          Hi Tim,

          I updated the tags on this for better visibility .


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            Hi Tim,


            As a rule of thumb I would always ignore the intercept.


            Reason being is that you will be including a result that you have not measured.


            You are using a blank for your lower end concentration, meaning that the blank result (if there is one) will be included in the calibration.


            NOTE: This is a statistically debated area. Personally, though the calibration curve you produce may not be straight line linear at the lower end concentrations (due to noise interfearance).


            Hope this helps.