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    Overlaid Chromatograms


      In Openlab Chemstation version A.01.05 under Data Analysis my collegue is struggling to offset the signal for overlaid chromatograms while preserving peak labeling and peak integration for all chromatograms overlaid. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

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          I would recommend that you use an intelligent report to overlay your chromatograms if you want to offset them while also maintaining peak labels and the integration baseline.


          On your intelligent report, the snippet that I would recommend that you use is named 'Multi Signal Plot Overlaid' (see below):



          You can then right click on this snippet once it has been added to your report in order to edit the properties:



          In the 'Multi Signals' tab in the Properties window, you then select the Display Format as 'Stacked' to allow you to define a time and signal offset for the chromatograms you want to overlay:



          Then, in the 'Peak Labels' tab, you can select to 'Show Peak Labels' and then define what you want to include in your peak labels. There is also an option for 'Show Baseline' which will display the integration baseline for all of your peaks:



          Hopefully this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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              Thank you for your tutorial. I will let you know if it works! Thanks again, Debbie

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                So, we did eventually get it to work....strangely, the custom report we were originally using as a template did not allow us to overlay signals from multiple injections. I noticed you were using the sequence summary report (short) for your example so I opened that and added the multi signal plot overlaid to it and it worked...


                To change the order of the injections on the overlay we had to go back into the data analysis view, clear the navigation table and add the data files so that they were listed in the opposite order of how they would be ordered in the overlay. This was all very tricky but we are finally happy with the results. Thank you again!