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Troubleshooting front inlet flow problems

Question asked by mj.hazlett on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by james_jenkins

I require technical support for a 6890 GC.  When running a method with a temperature ramp, at the higher temperatures there is an inlet flow shutdown and the GC shuts down.  The upstream carrier pressure is 95 psi which should be high enough.  I notice, when setting up a method, that when I change the pressure for the back inlet, the front inlet pressure changes and may not reach the right setpoint depending on the pressure set for the back inlet.


I tried an "unobtrusive" leak test that I saw on some troubleshooting guide, which suggested going to a splitless flow and seeing if the flowrate in the front inlet was higher than the setpoint which would indicate a flow -- when I followed this procedure the front inlet had zero flow.


I'm wondering since the pressure from the back and front inlets aren't independent and I was not able to get front inlet flow from this test, if that means there is an issue with the flow module, or if anyone has any other ideas.