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Varian V70 Turbopump. Where is the info ?

Question asked by angelo on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by george

Well, as I did not find any other resource in the Agilent website, I suppose this would be the right place. Everybody know the Agilent acquired Varian Vaccum division, but it would be a reference for everybody to still find the Varian product info if necessary. At this time, I have an issue with a V70 controller and everything about this product has disappeared after Agilent   acquired Varian.


Reading the manual, I found this: "

"CONTROLLER FAILURE - Fuse blown on the power supply

secondary of the transformer. Contact Varian for Maintenance."


Is there anything I could do ?

Can someone at Agilent check Varian documentation and provide some info about to fix this fuse ? Provide a schematics in order the user can try to fix it by yourself ?