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Sample Export File

Question asked by cwevenson on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by ryoboyle

We are currently working on a proposal to assist a client to transport their HPLC data into a Data historian for reference in other calculations and reports.  However, this work is not without a great deal of uncertainly as we do not have any examples of Export files in order to prepare the import software and test it.  The client is testing samples from fermentation process and they filter out the active yeast in the sample.  They prepare 6 test vials which consist of 3 samples from the prior fermenter running to completion and 3 vials on the currently filling fermenter.  They then initiate testing which takes about 2 hours to process the vials.  The concern on our end is that we can read in the data but we have no way currently of indexing the data with reference to the Batch IDs for each fermenter running. And thus we require files to determine how to index these files as well as a solid plan on how to import the times.


Would anyone have sample files?