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Replacing an ESI needle on an Agilent 6100 LC/MS

Question asked by awitter on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by m4esti

Hello: I am replacing an ESI needle on an Agilent 6100 LC/MS system (Single quadrupole).  I watched the video on how to do this but had additional questions based on having tried to do this yesterday and finding all sorts of gaps in the directions.  My questions are specifically:


1.  The replacement needle is shipped inside a small cylindrical stainless steel "needle holder" that is used to guide the needle through the flanged needle screw and ferrule.  Is this piece meant to be left in place and tightened on the ferrule, or is it meant to be merely a guide to protect the needle as you are aligning it?  That is, after the new needle is in place, should it be just the needle itself or the needle surrounded by this stainless steel sheath as well?


2.  The ferrule is extremely soft and snapped (not just once but twice!) as I tightened it.  The video says to tighten one quarter to one half turn beyond finger tight, but enough to hold the needle in place.  In order to hold the needle (with holder above) in place, I had to turn more than one half turn, thus weakening the ferrule.  Any tricks, suggestions?


3.  I find the quality of the video poor (too small to really see anything).  Does Agilent do schematic drawings so one can actually see up close what one is aiming for in making a repair like this?   Thanks in advance,