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    Altering Menu Items


      I've read fully the "UI Customization Developer’s Guide" and understand how to add sub-menu items and alter functionality of existing sub-menu items, but how do you go about adding a new, top level, menu item? By that I mean as shown below in red:



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          Hi jigr1969,

          You certainly are well past the level that we at Agilent support. We do very little modification to existing product.

          Questions in the Agilent Community are not intended to go into detail about
          the inner workings or modifications of the software Certainly though, it is a community and perhaps another community member has experience in programming at the level you are working at.


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              Hi James.


              Thank you for your reply, if the Agilent Community isn't the right place to look for such an answer, who or where do I need to go in order to find out the answer to this question?


              As I understand that Agilent code the Mass Hunter software, therefore within the ranks of Agilent staff, a software developer, like myself, will know the answer to this question.If Agilent do not code the actual software, but merely put their name to it, again who would I need to contact in order to find an answer to my question?


              I know that the addition of allowing Iron Python to be ran within the boundaries of Mass Hunter software is a new thing for Agilent, however, it opens a whole world of possibilities, one which, I'm quite sure the community will grasp in good time.



              James Grant

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                  Hi James,


                  To follow up on the first reply, custom modifications to the software are outside of the realm of Agilent's free customer support. There are certainly resources within Agilent who can help you develop the code you are working on, but this would be a service you would need to be quoted for. If you are interested in that option, I would recommend you contact your country's Agilent support team (Agilent | Contact Us) to open that line of inquiry.