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Calibration Task problem (OpenLab 2.1): reference compound not found

Question asked by berndh on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by ryoboyle

Dear all,


having trouble with one problem with the calibration task in OpenLAB 2.1:


Goal: to quantify a degradation product in the sample solution using an external standard (diluted main compound, say 1%) while simultaneously quantifiying the main peak in the sample solution using a different external standard at 100%.


Both calibrations have to be treated as single point calibrations (no continuous calibration curve), so the calibration has to be set up using different names for the same compound (say "standard purity" and "standard assay"). That works fine (peaks in the standard solutions might have to be assigned manually, but that is not a problem).


Problem: even when the calibration reference for the degradation product is set up correctly, it cannot be quantified in the sample solution: error message is that the reference compound cannot be found in the sample solution (which is true, as in the sample solution the main peak is correctly assigned to the assay standard, not the purity standard.


In my opinion, if an external standard is used as calibrator, it should not matter if the reference compound is found in the sample solution or not! Any ideas for a workaround? This problem forces us to create a seperate result set for evaluation of related compounds....


Are there better solutions for this problem?



Thanks and best regards,