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    Warning : Calibrated compound(s) not found


      I'm running a blank, which of course has nothing in it.  The software gives a "Warning: Calibrated compound(s) not found" at the designated retention time of the cmpd, followed by an Area Percent report that makes the report 2 pages instead of one.  I plan on running 1000's of samples and blanks, I don't want to waste paper and increase my binder size.  How do I get rid of this warning?



      I have a calibration curve in the method.

      With a actual sample/standard run, it's fine, and prints the just external standard report on 1 page.

      As soon as I run a blank, it prints the normal external standard report, but then with the warning, adds a area percent report which I don't care about.

      When running the sequence, I have the sample type marked 'blank'.

      I'm used the External Standard Calculation Mode in Quantitation setting based on Area.

      Running OpenLAB CDS Rev. C.01.07 [27]


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          What report type are you using? The modification you seek will heavily depend on whether this is an Intelligent Report or a Classic Report and whether the report template or style is one of the built-in ones or a custom edit.

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              Classic reporting.  Is this more/less modifiable than Intelligent Reporting?

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                  Much less flexible/modifiable, to be honest. It's not impossible, but since it's a legacy feature, I personally wouldn't invest too much time in it. Here's what I'd try first, if you like the format of these classic reports and would prefer not to change over to Intelligent Reporting.


                  If you go to the Report Layout view, does it look like the image below? I'm highlighting a key component of Classic Reporting Layout.


                  On the other hand, if it looks like the following, you've got Intelligent Reporting Layout (again, with a key element of the IR layout).



                  If you are using the former (Classic Reporting), just go to File > Open Template, find extstd.frp (not EXTSTD_CHS.FRP, because that's a Chinese template) and double-click on it. Then, go to File > Add To Report Styles, provide the name extstd.std in the Report Style Name field.


                  Finally, go back to the Data Analysis view, reload your blank datafile, go to Report > Specify Report and choose your new extstd.frp under Style. I would also change the destination (bottom left quadrant of the Specify Report window) to Screen only so you can see the result on screen and not waste paper while you test this.

                  Click OK, then again go to Report > Print Report and see if that gives you an acceptable report for your blank run. If it does, try the same thing for your non-blank by loading one of those files and going again to Report > Print Report.