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    OpenLab CDS How do you reset the counter in the sample info window for single runs?



      In Sample Info for a single sample run:

      Whenever I want to use the counter option for the file name pattern and I want to start the counter at 1 what it shows is the last number run. 

      Example: TST0<counter> where counter = 1, Length = not set, Increment = 1

      This the first sample in a new day/subdirectory so I want the file name to be TST01

      However, what I get is TST03.  I'm assuming that the last 2 single samples are being counted from previous runs.


      I have tried to find this answer in manuals and searching the forums. 


      FYI this is a new GC 7890B that I'm doing a method developement for analyzing gas samples.  So all sample runs are manual.