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      Dear All,


      We recently acquired a LC-QTOF and being from a developing country@ we cannot afford to use all new apparatus (glassware etc) with the instrument.

      Can anyone advise on how to clean apparatus for reuse that will not affect the sensitivity of the instrument?

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          If possible, you will want to have a dedicated set of glassware to be used exclusively for the LCMS/QTOF.  This glassware needs to be thoroughly cleaned before use with the instrument  but the cleaning procedure will depend on what you have available in the lab.  If your lab has a commercial dishwasher, I'd use that first with detergent.  Then repeat the wash cycle 2x with no detergent.  After coming out of the washer, I'd recommend that you fill the containers to the rim with high purity water and allow it to sit for several hours.  Then rinse with high purity solvent, such as LCMS grade methanol, allow to dry in a clean area and cover with aluminum foil (lab grade, oil-free).  If you have a muffle furnace, an overnight bake-out is also recommended. 

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