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ChemStation did not complete its initialization cycle

Question asked by maxmet on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by maxmet

Last week I had to restart the  Acquisition Software now I cannot switch it back on.

Some program error which sounds like "ChemStation did not complete its initialization cycle". Then on clicking the OK button everything closes leaving the log-file (attached).


We have already reinstalled this program but this didn't help a bit.


Now I have an update for this problem:

I also have found in the log-file the following strings:


Prepare to Vent

b$[4]=_$(54006,"Vent Preparation Complete")

Vent Preparation Complete

b$[5]=_$(54007,"Pumping Down")

Pumping Down



b$[7]=_$(54009,"Vacuum SYstem Failure")

Vacuum SYstem Failure


I think this sounds enough like a problem for initialization..

MS said Turbo Pump Speed 100% - I don't know how else to check the vacuum system.

Instrument restart also doesn't help...


New updates on this topic:

Configuration tests.

As just GC - ChemStation opens properly without any errors. Status ready/online. It reads the parameters from GC and welcomes in status bar.

As just MS - it also opens but warns that MS “is not connected”. Status idle/offline but it loads the method successfully and keeps on.

When in GC-MS mode it always says “did not complete initialization cycle” and closes.

So the problem is somehow in MS connection but pinging is also fine – 0% lost.

Does this all make sense to you?


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