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Agilent Cool on column ALS injector problems

Question asked by bioarch1 on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by james_jenkins

Afternoon forum members,


I am hoping that someone might be able to shed some light on our injector issue. We had a COC injector port installed on the back inlet of our 7890a GC - FID.


When the autosampler (7963 plugged into back inlet port) lowers to inject the sample - the A/S stops with a shudder and goes into fault mode - the plunger remains depressed. I can manually inject the sample at this point and then raise the injector. Needle is not bent. I have loosened off the septa cap to ensure the needle is not getting pinched during the injection, and double checked that the syringe needle was not the problem by removing it altogether and trying another injection - ALS stops at point of injection.


Fault log reports 'Sampler error #901 Auto Injector back tower syringe error' and turret flashes red twice, which according to the manual indicates that I need to reinstate or replace syringe - both of which I have done


I have tried realigning the A/S using the automatic align on the turret - and all seems OK. I can manually inject a sample, so I am happy with the alignment of the 0.53um guard column and associated COC parts and we have the 0.53 on column nut with septa in place. I have also changed the needle guide 'foot' to the one that came with the kit.


The needle is a 5ul Agilent on column syringe (5182 0836) with 0.32 needle, inlet pressure is 10psi has a septum purge of 15ml/min.


Has anyone experienced this issue - or be able to shed some light on it please.


Many thanks,