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    self assembled result set


      I saw the video for creating a self assembled result set, but it is still unclear how to combine data from 2 difference sequences. Please clarify.

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          Hi. Short question- what software r u referring to?

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            If you want to add data files from more that one results set to a new self assembled results set it is easily done.  First clear the navigation table using the eraser icon in the upper right above the navigation table.  Then on the left in the Navigation pane, right click on the results set from which you want to add data, choose Add data, tick the box to the left of each file you want to add, then click ok.  Move to the next results set and repeat until you have all data files loaded into the Navigation Table.  Highlight all data files you want to add to the new results set, go to the Sequence drop down menu, and click on Create a new Results set.  From there you can follow the video.

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