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    Reassign adducts in Masshunter


      When using the "Find by Molecular Feature" function in Masshunter the program will assign an adduct to the spectral peak (i.e, M+H, M+NH4...).    I've run into many instances were I know the peak I am looking at is the (M+NH4)+ peak but Masshunter insists on calling it (M+H)+.  When this occurs the subsequent use of the  Generate Formulas function returns incorrect results.  Is there a way to go in and change these adduct designations so that the Generate Formulas function will work properly?

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          Maybe this may help.


          In MassHunter you can change mass peak assignments in each collected spectra. To do this you right-click on spectrum (while you have range select tool enabled) and select "Edit Peak Annotations...". In pop-up window you can change ion species as you like, select ion types and then apply these to the spectrum. I added some screenshots below that were quickly captured from MH Qual B.07.01 SP2.


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