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    Ion mobility separation


      Recently we purchase an Ion mobility QTOF (IMMS) and run simple
      application with small molecules that shows 3 peaks for our marker.

      A question raised from our colleagues about the possibility that IMMS can separate
      the same molecule that protonated on different spot of the molecule.

      Does anyone can answer this question? Did IMMS separate between same
      molecule with different protonated site (e.g. NH2+ vs. OH2+)?

        • Re: Ion mobility separation

          It is hard to tell experimentally if the multiple peaks observed are due to multiple conformations or localization of where the molecule is protonated. There are two ways to go about determining this. The first is to synthesize the small molecule and sequentially replace one at a time the amino acid(s) that are likely to be protonated, and observe the resulting number of peaks. The other option is to perform theoretical modeling and determine if the multiple peaks observed are from multiple conformations or differentiation of where the protonation site is.