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    Chemstation B.05.02


      How do I generate License text document for ChemStation B.05.02

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          Can you clarify what you mean by that revision of ChemStation? If you go to Help > About, what type of ChemStation does that window say you have? Is it UV-Vis ChemStation?

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            Mike Picollelli

            A copy of the file is only necessary as a record of the license numbers used to install the software.  (UV-Vis software does not use the  OpenLAB CDS ChemStation licensing.)


            The license numbers may be found in the ‘registry.lct’ file, located in the directory at either:

            C:\HPCHEM\Core (for instruments currently running 16 bit ‘A’ revision software)


            C:\CHEM32\Core (for instruments currently running 32 bit ‘B’ revision software).


            1. Open the file with notepad. 

            2. Copy the file, and paste the copy on your desktop. 

            3. Save it as a text file. (i.e. change the file extension to TXT.)

            4. Open the file and choose Word Wrap from the Format menu, for easier viewing.


            The license numbers follow the words ‘License Number’ and precede the word ‘Window’.  They are 10 characters in length.  The entry order will correspond to the application product number. (i.e. The first listed registration number is for the G1115AA General Purpose application.


            There may be as many as 6 products:

            G1115AA: General Purpose

            G1116AA: Advanced

            G1117AA: Biochemical Analysis (Thermal Denaturation & Kinetics)

            G1118AA: Dissolution (includes Multibath testing)

            G1813AA: Security Pack

            G3770AA: ECM Add-On


            To determine which products are installed, open ChemStation, and take note of the applications listed under the Mode pull down menu. The Mode menu excludes ECM Add-On and Security pack.  The registry file includes the license number for Security pack if installed.  I am not sure about ECM Add-On, as I don't know of any cases where it has been installed.  In the case of G5182AA ECM installation the the registry file is empty.  If this is about G5182AA ECM software, check with your IT group, or call Agilent technical Support 800-227-9770, Option 3.

            (License Numbers were originally issued as a physical sticker a 5 X 8 yellow envelope.)





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