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Extraction Source (G3870-67720 - XTR EI 350) 219 ion

Question asked by jmarshall on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by james_jenkins

I'm new to extraction sources (G3870-67720 - XTR EI 350) I've been told it's preferable for a tune to have a 219 response higher than the 69 on this source type.


It seems after cleaning about 1 in 3 hit this ratio, but most have 70-80% 219 vs 69.

By manually tuning 219 can be forced higher than 69.

On retuning the values can vary.


How necessary would it be for the 219 to be higher than the 69?

Would this have a big effect on performance?

What could be the reasoning for the different 219 values on each source?

Why am I struggling to achieve this on most of the sources?