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inlet pressure problem 7890A

Question asked by mdollhopf on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2017 by james_jenkins

Having a problem with inlet pressure/septa purge not holding pressure or stabilizing flow.


I have a split inlet, 2:1, pressure set at 92, typically holds at 47.  But total flow jumps around and never stabilizes. 


Leak check Service:  Total flow continually wildly fluctuates (200-350) and will not stabilize, column indicates stable flow of 7.6


Diagnostic: Pressure stays at 47, test pressure is 10, Inlet, Septa Purge, and Columns flows all stable, but Total fluctuates constantly fluctuates. Inlet Flow Sensor has alot of noise from 200-500 constantly.  Back inlet flow control set at 73, Fluctuates 200-400.


I have replaced and cleaned out Everything in maintenance, septa, split liner, even changed column, purge trap. I even cleaned out the septa purge line from inlet to sensor and outlet, that line is open.