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    Agilent GC Drivers B.01.01


      I received notice that Agilent GC Drivers B.01.01 is available.  What is new with this release?  Is this a necessary download for older instruments?

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          Hi Avrom,


          Below are the release notes for the new driver.  New drivers are released periodically to allow us to use new equipment without having to upgrade a complete software package each time.  The new driver has some enhancements for the older systems, but is really targeted towards new products including the new Intuvo 9000 GC and a new method of pressure control on the 7820 GC.   If this doesn't answer your question, please respond with the GC model and current SW you are running, and I can advise further. 


          New in this Release


          78xx Driver
          Support for the new Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC
          Support for 78xx series instruments
          Support for 7820 EPR
          Enhance the user experience with user interface updates


          68xx Driver
          Support Retention Time Locking on OpenLAB 2


          Supported Data Systems

          OpenLAB CDS (2.1, 2.0)
          OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition (C.01.07, C.01.06, C.01.05)1
          GC/MS MassHunter Acquisition (B.07.05, B.07.04, B.07.03, B.07.02)
          OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition (A.04.07, A.04.06, A.04.05)
          EZChrom Elite (3.3.2 SP2)
          Multi-Technique ChemStation (B.04.03 SP2)


          Issues Resolved


          Issue Id  KPR No.  Title
          256054     338         EZChrom: PALxt module not available after install
          263680     339        Not allowed  to set proper GC column max temp because it is less than 150 degrees.
          264365     340        FID signal subtraction setting changes spontaneously from "Nothing" to "Column Compensation" during run
          264809     341        "Extend Run" in GC Driver did not work correctly
          265467     342        Cannot configure a 7890B on an existing client server system
          267397     343        Copy to Clipboard Function in Instrument Actuals Throws Exception
          267774     344        The column flow calculator calculation is off by almost 3x's the flow rate for the system.
          267879     345        Sample Overlap settings can no more be edited after driver update, but are still part of the method
          268821     346        Error Unhandled Exception when changing columns and a Gerstel CIS4 in installed in the 7890.



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