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    Files needed for mass hunter data analysis in MH Qual and Quant


      Hi everyone,

      I am using Mass Hunter acquisition for both LC-triple quad and GC-MS acquisition and then getting my students to process the data using MH Qual (and in the future MH Quant)

      I am trying to limit the amount of storage needed for the data files as each student needs a copy of every data file that they are going to process. Is there any information out there as to which files are required in the .d directories in order to MH Qual and Quant to work when processing raw data and which can be omitted if the raw data is being used. For example it seems to me that copies of the acquisition method files would not be required by Qual and also any result files would not be needed.




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          The *.D directory as that is the repository of everything related to the sample.  There are files underneath that may be necessary in most laboratory environments for good laboratory practices and for troubleshooting problems. Deleting files underneath a data file subdirectory is not recommended for normal daily use as hard drive space is cheap now.


          I started with a GC/MS single quad data file that is 15.1MB.  This particular operator uses an acquisition method and a data analysis method instead of one combined unified method, so there are two copies of a *.M in the *.D directory and a copy of the data analysis method under the AcqData subdirectory as well. I deleted those three method subdirectories. No problems.   Then I thought I would throw caution to the wind and deleted every file that was not data.ms, *.xml, *.bin, or *.xsd.


          The data file subdirectory is now 3.3MB and loads in MH Qual just fine. I tried zipping the entirety of the *.D subdirectory and everything underneath it and it is 981kB.   


          I hope that helps.



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              Thanks for looking into this for me Paul.

              I will look into that more and try out your suggestions. My issue was that I am sharing data on Sharefile for my students to download and then analyze. Sharefile hated the number of files inside each .d directory and would slow to a crawl. Large file sizes were not an issue; it was the large number of files that was the issue. Our ITS folks confirmed this. I have been using zip files as a solution but on a few occasions that wasn't an option hence my question.


              Will post again once I am tried this out with my findings/comments



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              I just wanted to follow-up to see if this issue is resolved. If so, please come back to the post and click the "Correct Answer" button on the response that helped so it will make the solution more visible. If you still need help, just let us know and we would be happy to continue working with you.


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