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MSD Chemstation Won't Take Static IP, Defaults to LAN (NIC 2) IP

Question asked by bddoss22 on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by ryoboyle

I have just setup my second network adapter for LAN and internet access on the PC that controls my 7890/5975 GCMS.  This is accomplished using a USB-to-ethernet adapter similar to this ( The instrument network has the default static IP assignments, i.e. PC=, GC=, MSD=  However, now that the second network is present, Chemstation is taking the LAN address as assigned by DHCP, i.e., rather than it's assigned static IP.  During the injection cycle, the instrument throws an error "cannot bring MSD online, possibly bad address."


I checked the network binding order in Advanced menu of Network & Sharing Center, and the instrument network is the first in the list.  LAN is second.


I cannot figure out how to prevent Chemstation from picking-up the LAN DHCP address rather than keeping its assigned address of  The only way I have found to 'force' Chemistation is by unplugging the LAN cable during Chemstation boot.


MSD Productivity Chemstation, G1701EA, E.02.02.1431 on a Dell Optiplex 740.


Any insight would be most helpful.  None of our 5973's have this problem.