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    Custom assembly # of public arrays limitation?


      Is there a limitation for the number of public arrays one can have in a custom assembly called from the RTE Editor (specifically EZChrom A.04.7 (SR1)


      For example  - when I create an assembly with 4 public arrays in a class:


          Dim CmpdArray() As CmpdPeakStruct = Nothing

          Dim AdditionalPeakArray() As AdditionalPeakStruct = Nothing

          Dim CalPkGroupArray() As CalibratedPeakGroupStruct = Nothing

          Dim NPkGroupArray() As NPGroupStruct = Nothing


      I raise a "Cannot Load Assembly" error when trying to associate that dll with a report.  If I comment out one of them (any one of the 4) it works fine.


      I can of course consolidate the # of arrays  - I was just trying to make the calls as intuitive as possible for users - so I thought I'd check first.


      The goal of this assembly is to return compound specific values (area, AreaPercent, AreaSum, RT ...) for specific peaks without needed to create  a hidden table for each compound (since there can be dozens of compounds it get quite confusing and ugly to manage)