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Is there a way to sum total areas for result sets that include Named Peak Groups (EZChrom A.04.07, OpenLAB CDS Intelligent Reporting)

Question asked by testuser on Mar 28, 2016
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I've run into a wall with summing total areas  for EZChrom results sets that include Groups of the type "Named Peaks".


If I try to do this in a table, the Named Peaks are repeated for each time they are included in a Group of that type - and I don't believe there is a "Group Type" filter that would let me eliminate them, and all of the rest of the filters (Compound Type, Peak Type) are identical for both named peaks and named group peaks.


I've also tried filtering using a result list group repeating on compound name - but have not found a successful combination that correctly sums the "real" peaks (known and unknown) areas.


Attached is a result set and a report showing the problem and my work around attempt that fails (While it lets me sum total areas - I can't then display named peaks in a subsequent identical snippet - the values are all 0 the second time around.


I've already logged a support call with this issue - but it occurs to me that  you might see a clever work around that I have not been able to see.


Regards, lbuurma


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2015 October 6)