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    Calibration RFs RSD in IR  (OpenLAB CDS Intelligent Reporting)


      I've problem with RFs RSD in IR. I'm obviously in contact with the Lab Informatics, but after 3 weeks of contact we are not even close...


      As you know we can get RF parameter for each calibration level. I would like to calculate RSD for this different calibration levels RFs. I believe IR Report Item called "Calib Curve Plot by Compound" was made to calculate this RSD, but unfortunately this particular parameter isn't working Look screen below:


      Is there any chance to force it to work? If not maybe there is a chance to prepare table which can calculate this RSD? It's very easy to prepare this kind of table in excel:


      Would you be so kind and help me with this RSD issue?


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      2014 September 11 by Pawel G.)