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Advanced rounding of results (OpenLAB Intelligent Reporting)

Question asked by testuser on Mar 22, 2016
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A result is calculated and stored in a variable, can be made invisible of course

Based on the value of the variable a rounding rule needs to be set

In a new column or field the rounding can be applied

< 0.01 = ND

  1. 0.01<value<0.05 round on 3 digits
  2. 0.05<value<0.1 round on 2 digits
  3. 0.1<value<0.5 round on 1 digit


Can you do that with a nested IIF statements?


=IIF(0.01<value and value<0.05, Round (value,3),0) or IIF(0.05<value and value<0.1, Round (value,2),0) or IIF(0.1<value and value<0.5, Round(value,1),0)


Or looks it like this


=IIF(0.01<value<0.05, Round (value,3),0) or IIF(0.05<value<0.1, Round (value,2),0) or IIF(0.1<value<0.5, Round(value,1),0)


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2013 June 27

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