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    Method Report on one or two pages (OpenLAB Intelligent Reporting)


      We need for our users a method report with the content of more or less the most important chromatography parameters - but –it should not be longer than 2 pages.


      I have found only the possibility to customize the "Customize filter properties" within the "Method Information Multi/Single Column". Are there still other alternatives?

      Unfortunately we are not able to customize the "Filter" properties – if that would be the only way.


      Any suggestions are appreciated


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      2013 June 21

      by Dietmar3)

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          This may become a real challenge - depending on what should be displayed on the method report.


          The attached example shows a ChemStation method report.  Every section belongs to a certain level and by limiting the number of levels to displayed, a lot of less important information gets suppressed.


          So, the first task is to find identify exactly what is supposed to appear on the report and to which level this information belongs to. In a second step you need to apply filters to shrink it further down.  If this ends up in a 2 pages report  - this can't be predicted.  E.g. if the calibration table contains 30 compounds, it would easily take 2 pages to print it.


          Ideally method information would be completely parameterized, but this is not technical feasible considering the various hardware modules with hundreds of individual parameters.


          - betrich