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error in second header row (OpenLAB Intelligent Reporting)

Question asked by testuser2 on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by testuser2

I have made 2 columns each with a second header row

  • In the first column the second header text is: =">=0.015%"
  • In the second column the second header text is: =">=0.045%"

So far so good, no difference you would say. After OK-ing out the second header of the second column shows immediately "Error".


While previewing the report the error returns "OLIR_Text_Box_34 contains an error: (BC30205) End of statement expected"


What is going on?


NB entering normal text like ="text" goes fine so i suspect it is the '>=' that is the culprit, but why not at the first column then? Adding a column after the second one, a third column, does not resolve the problem.