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    6890N with PTV ready command


      what is the pre-run command to force a 6890N with PTV to show a ready state as soon as the oven reaches setpoint.

      equilibration time is set to 0.01

      The PTV is at temperature but takes 3 minutes before the GC shows ready to allow an external device to inject.

      We are running a high throughput screening program so absolute retention times are not required.

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          Hi Mark,


          What version software are you running?


          Thanks. - Josh

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            There is no pre-run command to show PTV ready state. All heated zones with the exception of the oven are hard coded to be ready when the temperature is stable within ½ of degree.


            If your PTV is taking 3 minutes to equilibrate something else is going on? What is the temperature of the PTV? Are you using a sub-ambient temperature setpoint or cryogenic?


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              Hi Mark,


              You can change how system checks for its readiness within GC method. I don't know if this feature is available in D-revision MSD Chemstation but it's definitely in MassHunter GCMS Acquisition and you can upgrade to that software if you have 6890N and 5973 Fast Electronics or newer system.


              You can change settings so that software doesn't check for PTV at all when it decides when system is ready for injection. If you change settings just make sure that there is enough time to cool down PTV to desired range, i.e. change oven equilibrium time.


              I have taken below screenshot from MH Acq B.07.04 where method sections are listed on left hand side instead of ribbon on top.


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