MS40+ pump dripping oil from rear fan cover

MS40+ pump dripping oil from rear fan cover. We change the oil every 6 months, and are having this issue with old pumps as well as pumps that are only ~2 months old. I suspect it is the rotating gasket (included with the MS40 maintenance kit), but wanted to know if anyone has experienced the same issue/what the fix was?

  • Hello Logan,

    It is the most likely suspect because it is a moving shaft near the rear fan cover.

  • Thank you for your reply. While I was taking the pump apart, I was unable to remove the back shield & fan. I attempted to remove the hex screw that is connected to the shaft, but it turned the front fan as wouldn't come loose. I had someone brace the front fan mount while I tried to remove the hex screw on the shaft from the rear, but to no avail. I removed all the screws and had the back shield and rear unit (housing the rotating gasket), so this is the last part needed to replacing the part needed.

  • There is no written maintenance procedure for the MS40+ maintenance kit.

    Here is the exploded view diagram of the pump.

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