Effect of external static magnetic field on ion pump

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I am wondering about the effect of an external static magnetic field on an ion pump, especially the VacIon Plus 20 model with ferrite magnets. Lets assume that this external field has a main magnetic flux density component of 150 mT and an other component of 50 mT, perpendicular to the main one. This external field is uniform throughout the pump envelope.

The ion pump has magnets positioned at its sides. Thus, the ion pump inner B-field vector which is necessary for its proper operation, is parallel to the X or Y axis, as shown in the attached picture. If I am wrong at any point, please correct me.

So I have a few questions:
- Can this ion pump operate misaligned with one of the given components of the external magnetic field? If not, given the modulus of these values what could be the maximum allowable level of it?
- If a magnetic shielding could be used, how much should it attenuate such an external field to be safe about positioning the pump at any relative angle?
- How to determine the exact direction of its inner B-field when instaling the pump?

I would appreciate your help on this topic

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