V70 turbo Pump replacement

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I'm looking for a replacement of varian v70 pump. will any existing agilent pumps work with the varian v70 controller? 

  • The Agilent V74 turbo pump can replace the V70 turbo pump. The v70 controller will only run the v70 turbo pump. The V74 datasheet provides the turbo and matched controller specifications.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Can you help me with a little prob. While going through the v70 controller datasheet, I cannot find the outcome of pin 9-1 in logical output interconnections. The agilent 74 fs controller'a logical output pins have similar connections to v70 controller. are the 9-1 pin's functionality same in both controllers or do they have different functionality? v70 controller J2 out pin configuration

  • Those functions are the same.

    The real issue is the Agilent turbo and controllers are matched (tuned), and need to be paired together.

    The V70 controller is designed to run the V70 turbo, and the 74FS controller(s) are designed for the 74FS turbo.

    The full speed frequencies of these pumps are not the same (V70 -  1250HZ  // 74FS  1167HZ).


    Using the incorrect turbo controller can damage the pump by ramping and spinning it at resonant speeds that can jeopardize the mechanical integrity (bearing damage).

    In some cases, catastrophically.


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