Turbo Pump V-550 loud noises and very unnormal operation conditions

Hello everybody,

we have a problem with our V-550 Turbo Pump from Agilent. When we start the pump via the Soft Start mode it first normally starts, at high rotation speed it starts to get loud with noises of friction. The power is ten times higher than in usual operation (P=120W, for the second try 200W instead of 11 W) and also the current is far too high (I=3.0A instead of 0.6A). For rotation speeds higher than 15 krpm the power and current do not recover to low values (11W) any more but get higher and higher with the minimum power. As soon as a speed of more than 38 krpm is reached the pump starts to get very loud and noisy.

Do you have a guess what we can do against this? Could this come from dismounting and placing a pump on a table (slight mechanical stress from outside)?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


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