Does anyone have an idea to make maximum rotating speed to the TwisTorr turbo pump?

We are using the turbo pump to the helium circulating system.

We decrease the system's temperature by helium circulating. So, pumping power is very important to me.


The working condition of the pump is tough because it is not a one-way vacuum, always circulating at 1E-1 to 1E-2 order helium amount.

We used Turbo-V 1001 Navigator and Turbo-V 551 Navigator pumps for a very long time.

Previous those pumps work the maximum rotating speed with a high current( ~ 3 A) and we got enough power to the system.

But the new turbo pump TwisTorr 404 FS working a little bit different with previous pumps.

When we start the pump, it reaches the maximum speed at the STARTING mode and then changes the mode to HFLOW.

The problem is with HFLOW mode, the mode allowed a maximum current ~ 2 A so automatically decreases the rotating speed by the current.

It decreases the pumping power to the system and we cannot reach the base temperature anymore.

So, I want to get a maximum rotating speed with a higher current.


Does anyone have an idea to automatically or manually makes maximum rotating speed to the new turbo pump?

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